Dr Tanja Kahrs

Dr Tanja Kahrs

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Tanja graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. She also has obtained a degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol. After graduation, she returned to her home country of Singapore where she worked for a busy small animal practice prior to joining Island Vets.

She has completed courses in Feline medicine and Internal Medicine with the University of Sydney CVE program. She has a keen interest in Internal Medicine and hopes to further develop her skills in Surgery and Radiology. She also has a passion for all things “Feline”.

She believes in the importance of preventative pet healthcare, which aims to evaluate pet health and recognise early signs of disease.

In her free time, she enjoys nature and conceptual photography. She is an avid film enthusiast and is quite fond of reading every chance she gets.

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