We do consultations for all species (dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs,). It is our practice to discuss with owners relevant aspects pertaining to their pet’s condition. As animals cannot speak, we appreciate if you can give us as accurately a history as possible to help us with our diagnosis.

Appointments are necessary for consultations.

Walk-in consultations are allowed if your pet’s condition is acute and needs immediate attention.


We do provide house call services where the vet travels to your house to check on your pet’s condition or give a treatment.

In some situations, a nurse would be needed to assist, depending on the type of treatment or procedures required and also the behaviour of your pet.

House call arrangements are subjected to the availability of the veterinarians.

Do note that there are many conditions, especially really sick animals, where a house call is not beneficial as the diagnosis of the condition may require certain tests or treatment that may be only available at the clinic.

Additional charges apply for house call services.

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